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Alias Construction History Update

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The construction history in Alias is an extremely power tool. It can be a huge time saver while you are editing objects in your model. When modifying surfaces it can be very useful so watch the surface change in real time.

Lets say you are modifing some CVs on a curve that your surface is built from. Does your surface only update after you make your adjustments? Do you wish it would show your changes in real time? You just need to change a setting in the Performance Options…

Go to the main menu Preferences -> Performance Options

Under the Construction History Updates tab check on During Transform

Your construction history will now update in real time.

Created by Aaron… Your Alias CAD Geek!

Alias Construction History & Instance Workflow

In this weeks video I will demonstrate a workflow that takes advantage of Alias’s Construction Histroy and some instanced geometry. This will allow me to visually see changes being made to multiple objects at the same time.

Click HERE to watch the video.

Created by Aaron… Your Alias CAD Geek!

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