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New Capacity Meter options in Inventor 2009

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I routinely run across Inventor users who don’t know what the numbers and graph in the lower right corner of their screen refer to. This is the capacity meter, and can be a critical aspect of managing large assemblies in Inventor. Take a look at this video for a quick look:
Watch Video Here

Here is a run down from the Inventor 2009 Help menu:

Capacity Meter
The Capacity Meter provides several pieces of information with regards to memory consumption. The meter has three indicators: total number of occurrences in the active document, total number of files open in the session, and amount of memory used by the session.
The meter can be used in one of two settings: Inventor Only, and Physical Memory.
Inventor Only: Restricts the display to just the Autodesk Inventor process. The color will change from green to yellow when more than 60% of the allotted space is used, then red once 80% has been used. This mode is not available in 64 bit operating systems.
Physical Memory: Adjusts the display to the entire physical RAM. The green portion represents the Inventor session, while the yellow portion is all other applications.
When hovering over the Capacity Meter, the tooltip displays details of used and available memory.
Note: The Physical Memory option is disabled if your Microsoft Windows account is not Administrator, or if Process Monitors have been restricted.
Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks
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