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Base Solids Editing – Part 3

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Hello again. In part 3 of this series concerning the editing of base solids, I would like to show an example of moving an entire set of faces on a model. This is just another way to edit a part that doesn’t actually have any features to edit.

Check out this video for an example:

Watch Video Here

Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks

Base Solids Editing in Inventor – Stretch Trick

One of the tricks I find most people are unaware of in Inventor is the ability to edit “Base” features in Inventor. Base features are what you normally get when you import a model from another CAD system or Step file. Many people have figured out that they can sketch on faces of a Base model to create additional features, but few know they can use something as simple as the “Delete” key to remove features while in the Base Editing mode (as detailed in a previous CAD Geek post). I just wanted to show an example of utilizing a work plane and streching a base solid to a wider variation. Take a look at this video for a quick example:

Watch Video Here
Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks

Non-Parametric models……No probelm with these editing tricks in Autodesk Inventor

So every now and then you might be faced with the task of changing a solid model within Autodesk Inventor, even if you don’t have a feature tree. Using a few features like Delete Face and Move Face, you will be able to see how easy it can be.

Watch the video to see it in action and let us know if you have any questions using the comments.

Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks
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