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Inventor monitors your parameters while you focus on design

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It can be very time consuming to constantly check your design each time you make a change. Fortunately Inventor provides tools to monitor your design limitations. This allows you to focus on your real job.

Autolimits are available inside the part or in the assembly files. Inventor can monitor lengths (paths), distances (point to point), angles, diameters, minimum distance between objects, area, perimeters, mass, or volume. However today well just be looking at monitoring the length of a wire in the assembly.

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Blogged by Josh, Yet another CAD Geek

Set the cruise control “Part 1”

Autolimits, a tool I wish I would of had available to me when I was designing the last fourteen years. This allows the designer to concentrate strictly to designing. I would have used all three types of the autolimits. On the dimensional side I would of added autolimits to all my cylinder files to set-up for stroke distances and would have always made sure I always had stroke to go for an example. Area-Perimeter I would have used for when I was designing inside a swing radius for a machine. The last one physical property I would have used on at least 85% of the jobs I have done over the years. I seemed to be always working on a design that had some type of weight restriction and having autolimits would have definitely saved time in the design phase and probably took the word rework off of the shop floor because of weight issues.

AutoLimits are categorized as monitoring three different types of input
1. Dimensional
2. Area-Perimeter
3. Physical Property

AutoLimits are designed to be used sparingly, monitoring only critical design information of interest to you. In an assembly, only AutoLimits in the edited document are enabled and displayed. AutoLimits existing at other levels (subassembly or components) are neither visible nor accessible until that level or component is edited.

AutoLimit boundaries use both color (green, amber, red) and shape (circle, triangle, square) to provide feedback related to boundary conditions. The colors equate to conditions:
• Green: within boundary limit
• Amber: near boundary limit
• Red: exceeds boundary limit

The following short video shows working with setting the Physical Property Limit dealing with mass. Watch how my display changes when I have exceeded my limit.

Check out my video of how to do this.

Submitted by Dave of the INCAT CAD Geeks

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