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Move to an Autodesk suite or other Autodesk software and get 0% financing when you purchase by April 13, 2012.
Special Note: Attention Autodesk 2009 software customers:
On March 15, 2012, Autodesk will discontinue upgrades from Autodesk 2009 software. After that date, you’ll no longer be eligible to purchase upgrades or receive technical support on Autodesk 2009 products. Make the move today!


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Autodesk Inventor Factory Assets with Parameters

    We take a look at making our factory assets more intelligent by working with parameters.  In this example I create clearance zones for a CNC machine.  Adding this peice of information will aid me detecting possible clearance problems within my design.

Video Link:

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Factory Design Suite – Working with Elevations and Sub-Layouts

I have run across a common misconception about the Factory Design Suite and that is it’s ability to work with elevations.  This post will talk about a few different ways to work with elevations and some of the functionality that lives inside of this unique set of tools.  The main tool I will use is creating sub-layouts that I relate back to layers but really they are sub-assemblies.  When creating a sub-layout you have the ability to offset the original flush constraint (consider it a work plane) any positive or negative distance.  Take a look at the video and like always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the cadgeek team.

Video Link: Factory Design Suite – Working with Elevations and Sub-Layouts


AutoCAD 2D to Inventor 3D in One Click

It’s never been easier to take your 2D layouts and create 3D files inside of Inventor then it is now.  The Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2012 allows you to share a common library of assets that are created inside of Inventor quickly lay them out inside of AutoCAD and produce those as 3D layouts with a single click.  This workflow allows any AutoCAD user to quickly look at multiple layout scenarios without having the knowledge of Inventor to easily produce a 3D layout.  This also holds true in the reverse where some can layout there their design intentions inside of Inventor and produce a associative layout inside of AutoCAD with a single click.

Let’s see how: AutoCAD 2D to Inventor 3D in One Click.swf

New Autodesk MFG 2012 Product Suites

Autodesk has released the 2012 product line-up, this is not you typical software release.  Get ready to hear nothing but the word suites.  For most of use this release is going to take our current workflows and add a ton of amazing software to it at no extra charge.

Standard:  For designers, engineers and drafters who need the foundational drafting and conceptual design tools to accelerate mechanical drawings and to create visually compelling proposals needed to secure internal buy-in and win new customer business.

Premium:  For designers and engineers who want to supercharge their designs with the ground-breaking modeling capabilities in Inventor, allowing them to create remarkable designs and meet the demands of today’s competitive market.

Ulitmate: Ideally suited for designers and engineers who also need advanced surfacing, simulation, routing and tooling in order create unbeatable designs and outshine the competition.

Design Suite Video Link: 

“For more information on Autodesk Suites, contact

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