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Black Friday…. well sort of ….iCHECK Special BOGO

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In Black Friday like style the INCAT CAD Geeks are offering a “Buy One Get One Free on iCHECK” to any Autodesk University Attendees and or those whom download iCHECK for Inventor within the next 7 days. Download it here

Offer is good Until January 30th 2009 on iCHECK Floating seats.

Also we just created a new “Getting Started with iCHECK” video.
Watch the video below, and for more info about Autodesk Inventor iCHECK check out our site at:

Back from AU 2007…..The INCAT CAD Geeks were busy!

So another AU under our belts here at INCAT…..

Some of our CAD Geeks taught the following classes:

  1. MA215-5 “Working with Huge Digital Prototypes: Autodesk® Inventor™ Large-Assembly Best Practices” – by Dan Miles – This class was packed, tons of great content from Dan.
  2. MA405-1 “Implementing Autodesk® Inventor™ in Your Company” – by Dan Miles
  3. MA301-2 “AutoCAD® Electrical Power Tools for Power Users”- by Rob Stein
  4. MA211-1L “All the “Zero Learning Curve” Features of AutoCAD® Mechanical” – by Kevin Robinson – See videos on the right hand side……
  5. MA201-5 “The Power Tools of AutoCAD® Mechanical” – By Kevin Robinson
  6. MA105-5 “Using Autodesk® Inventor™ to Create Tech Pubs on a Shoestring Budget”- By Kevin Robinson

Handouts can be found at AU Online or here at the bottom using the File storage widget…..

Take care

Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

Live from AU 2007

Out here in Las Vegas…….holy cow 9500 other CAD Geeks.
Stay tuned….

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