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Autodesk Labs Releases 3D Annotation for Inventor

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Released on July 16th was some great technology released for preview by Autodesk on its Labs website  The tools will alllow you at add annotation to your 3D models like:

  • Dimensions
  • Hole notes
  • Fillet and Chamfer notes 
  • Text and Leaders
  • Surface Symbols

It also contains a nice inspection tool that allows you to see callouts that have been place and callouts that maybe missing. 

Let’s take a look:
Autodesk Labs Releases 3D Annotation for Inventor

Autodesk Inventor Publisher Technology Preview

Check out this new tool and see how you can rapidly create assembly instructions and technical publications based on Autodesk Inventor data.
Kevin with the CAD geeks
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Got a twitch ? ….. Autodesk Project Twitch that is

Have you ever wanted to check out the new version of a program without going through the hassle of trying to do a side by side install?

Have you ever wanted to run a CAD application, but your hardware requirements weren’t going to cut it?

Now you can test out Autodesk CAD technology without installing it……..using Project Twitch from Autodesk Labs

At this point in the technology preview, the supported applications are:

  • AutoCAD 2010
  • Autodesk Inventor 2010
  • Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010
Give it try and see what you think.
Kevin with the CAD Geeks

Utilizing Shrink Wrap with Inventor

Autodesk Labs Strikes Again. A feature I know a lot of users have been looking for. How to go about creating a simplified solid for use in larger assemblies or be able to ship a 3D model to a customer and not have to worry about giving them my native file which could be reverse engineered. Also no need for a pack and go if they only need a representation of the model.

Check it out

Created by Dave of the Incat Cad Geeks

Autodesk Labs is back at it again……..Inventor 2009 User Interface Technology Preview

Last Friday I posted in advance letting you know that something cool would be coming out early this week. So here it is:

“UI Technology Preview for Autodesk Inventor 2009″

This easy to download tool will run side by side with Inventor 2009 allowing you to check this new interface concept for Autodesk Inventor. Last December while at Autodesk University I was allowed to do some prototype reviews with the Inventor product design team, and I love the new updates. Like anything working through change is tough, but I like the enhanced UI so far.

Stay tuned for more updates as we dig deeper.

Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

Description from the labs web site:

Brand new look and feel for Inventor 2009!
The UI Technology Preview showcases the latest user interface design concepts for Autodesk Inventor 2009 specifically focused at enhancing the user experience. Along with presenting a fresh, modern look and feel to Inventor® 2009, the primary goals of these enhancements are improving usability and learnability for new users and realizing productivity gains for existing users.The UI Technology Preview on Autodesk Labs affords us an excellent opportunity to gather valuable user feedback on these design concepts to help us meet our goals.

Some highlights of the UI Technology Preview for Inventor 2009:

Ribbon style logical grouping of commands – The UI Technology Preview incorporates a ribbon-style layout for accessing familiar Inventor 2009 commands

Quick Access Toolbar for frequently used commands – The UI Technology Preview allows users to put commonly used commands on a Quick Access Toolbar available at all times

Progressive tooltips for greater learnability – Hovering over commands opens progressive tooltips; first level describes the command and second level includes an illustrative explanation

Tabs to quickly switch active documents – The UI Technology Preview offers document tabs with rich previews that allow users to quickly identify and switch between various open documents

Fast facts about UI Technology Preview for Inventor 2009:

Inventor 2009 required for UI Technology Preview – The UI Technology Preview requires an existing installation of Inventor 2009 (Suite, Simulation Suite, Routed Systems Suite or Professional)

Inventor 2009 standard UI and the UI Technology Preview work in parallel – The UI Technology Preview installs in a way that users can use both interfaces in parallel if they prefer

No impact on existing installation of Inventor 2009 – The UI Technology Preview can be installed and uninstalled without any impact on the existing installation of Inventor 2009

No migration impact on Inventor 2009 files – Files can be created, opened and modified in either
Inventor 2009 or the Technology Preview with no need for file migration at any time

English only but installs with all languages – The UI Technology Preview is currently available in English only but will install with all language versions of Inventor 2009

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