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Copying iParts with Vault

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Ever wonder how you can copy an iPart in your Vault for usage in a similar factory design?  This video will show you how; including the details on reusing your existing drawing as well!

Check out the video HERE.

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One of the easiest approaches to locating files in Vault is to use the expanded query builder.  This allows you to incrementally add commonly used search terms as needed in order to find just what you are looking for.  You can customize your Vault interface by adding or removing the displayed fields as needed.

Take a look at an example video HERE.

Vault 2011 – Document Change Process

With the release of the Vault 2011 products, Vault Professional can now track change orders on any document in vault.  This used to be a feature only available if you were managing an item master.  It has now been extended to any document.  You can simply right click any file and start a new change order from it.  From there you can add any information you need including custom properties and a markup of the drawing if one is included.  For a better look at this extended Vault capability, watch a short video HERE.

Visualization Warning in Vault – Remove it in 2011

With the release of the 2010 Vault family, extra tools were included to enable server side visualization publishing.  The only wrinkle with that was a warning that would always show up after checking in a file from the CAD software.

Warning that can be turned off in Vault 2011

Just change this Administrative setting, and the warning will go away for users viewing within the Vault:

Check this to disable the visualization warning

Watch a quick Video of the difference the setting makes right HERE.

Filtering information in Inventor (and adding more with data cards)

Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power.  This holds true for many things in business, and I believe is particularly suited to the latest integration of Vault and Inventor.  Imagine if you could view, filter, edit and manage all of the Vault property information directly from within Inventor.  Maybe you could even create selection sets and filter the graphics screen from this property information.  Well… This is the reality of using AutoCAD Inventor 2011 with Vault Workgroup 2011 or higher. 

The new Data Card functionality allows a ton of in-CAD property manipulation, filtering, selection etc.  For more information about the power of data cards in Inventor, please join me for the Tata technologies Data Management Web User group on June 11th, 2010.  You can register Here for an invitation.

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