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Inventor 2010 Application Options

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One of the first things I look at when Inventor is released each year is what has changed in the Application Options. There are usually lots of goodies packed in there from release to release. Lets take a look at the SAVE tab. As you can see in the image below, there are just a few options in 2009….

If we take a look at the tab in Inventor 2010, we notice a new option for a save reminder. This can be adjusted to the time you feel comfortable with…

This can be very handy for those of us who are so into our designs that we forget to save our work from time to time. Anyone who has lost work because of a failure to save will appreciate this “little” new option.

John with the Tata Technologies CAD Geeks

What is that Chrome Reflection?

One of the questions I have commonly run accross is “What is that image in the Chrome Reflection?”. In Autodesk Inventor versions prior to the upcoming Inventor 2009 this was hard coded into the software and any change to the default “parking lot” reflection could only be changed with a registry hack. This reflection can now be changed on the “Colors” tab in the Application options. The included images are just a sample of the new available reflections in Inventor 2009.


Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks

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