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Increase Productivity with i GET IT and 3Dconnexion

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Are you looking to increase your productivity with your new Autodesk products including everything within the new suite offerings?   With the combination of a 3Dconnexion SpacePilot PRO 3D mousse device and i GET IT online self-paced training deliver the improvements you require.  Use the SpacePilot PRO to rotate and zoon within your design completely transparent.  Then use i GET IT for training classes on products like Autodesk Inventor, Showcase, Alias, and AutoCAD to expand your knowledge.   From now until July 31, 2011 for people within the United States only we are offering this combination for only $495.00.   Visit this site to learn more about this great offer to increase your productivity.

New Alias Design course in i GET IT

Have you recently recieved the latest Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate?  The one with Alias Design?  If so, you may want to take a quick crash course to learn how it could benefit your design needs.

Tata Technologies has just the thing:  An Alias 2012 course in i Get IT for only $95(US).

Watch a video preview HERE for the Alias 2012 course.

Also available in i GET IT now:  Autodesk Showcase 2012, AutoCAD P&ID, and Revit.

New Showcase Community

Showcase now has its own community on Autodesk’s “The Area” website. The Area is for the Digital Entertainment & Visualization Community and Showcase users now have a great resource at their fingertips!

Check it out here…

Created by Aaron… Your Alias/Showcase CAD Geek!

What hardware will run Alias effectively?

I get asked all the time what hardware I recommend for running Alias. Personally I have had a lot of luck with the Dell Precision line of workstations. I have also used HP and Dell workstations at the various companies I’ve worked for with decent results.

What I have observed over the years is that Graphics Cards play a BIG part in how Alias runs on a machine. Don’t cheap out on your graphics!!! Spend the money and get a good workstation class card. The key word being “workstation”. Workstation class graphics cards are designed specifically for CAD applications. While a high end gaming card may work sometimes, they are not supported.

Below is a link to the Autodesk Hardware Qualification Chart for computers and graphics cards. This chart lists all the currently tested configurations. Use this as a guide when you are getting ready to upgrade or buy a new system.

Hardware Qualification Chart

Created by Aaron… Your Alias CAD Geek!

Where are all the Alias Tutorials???

If you are reading this you have probably scoured the internet looking for tutorials and demos for Alias. Not to easy to find them is it? While the CAD Geeks are trying to do our part to provide useful content to the Alias community, not many others are. Fortunately the folks at Autodesk have started to actively populate the AliasDesign web site with new and cool tutorials. They have assembled a nice selection of tutorials from basic to advanced technical surfacing. So after you have filled up on cool CAD Geek content surf on over to AliasDesign and check them out!

You can check it out here…

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