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2D FEA to solve complex problems in Algor

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Sometimes there are geometric situations that can be visualized in a 2D sense even though the real objects in question are of course 3D.  Similarly, many times FEA problems can be solved with a 2D model to achieve the same basic results as a more complex 3D representation.  The 2D model is easier to construct, and generally takes only 10% of the time to solve as a 3D model.  Autodesk Algor can utilize 2D mesh elements to help simplify problems down to their most basic elements so that we can obtain results much faster.

Here is an example of a fluid flow study (CFD) that has been conducted in Algor to determine the flow characteristics through a porous media.  This type of problem would be much more complex to solve as a 3D model, and the 2D representation still works great to see what is happening with the fluid flow. 

Advanced Simulation on Autodesk Labs

I just found the time to check out the new Advanced Simulation technology preview on Autodesk Labs, and I am mightily impressed with the direction Autodesk is taking this technology. You can define all kinds of design variants and design criteria to use in a functional study.

Take a look at this video for an example of this new technology in use:
Watch Video

Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks
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