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AutoCAD 2D to Inventor 3D in One Click

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It’s never been easier to take your 2D layouts and create 3D files inside of Inventor then it is now.  The Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2012 allows you to share a common library of assets that are created inside of Inventor quickly lay them out inside of AutoCAD and produce those as 3D layouts with a single click.  This workflow allows any AutoCAD user to quickly look at multiple layout scenarios without having the knowledge of Inventor to easily produce a 3D layout.  This also holds true in the reverse where some can layout there their design intentions inside of Inventor and produce a associative layout inside of AutoCAD with a single click.

Let’s see how: AutoCAD 2D to Inventor 3D in One Click.swf

Check out 3D annotation for Inventor on Autodesk Labs

Over the years I have had several requests to annotate 3D models rather than relying on 2D drawings to supply that information.  This functionality can be of particular concern to companies trying to get away from 2D documentation and paper drawings.  There is now a preview of 3D Annotation for Inventor on Autodesk Labs available HERE.

Importing 3D Geometry into Sheet Metal

With 3D becoming more popular daily many companies are exchanging data in a 3D format and not to mention that the translators you find in the products these days also makes exchanging data easier than ever. Still there is a need to take that 3D data and bring it into the sheet metal environment to generate flat pattern layouts. Today we will take a look at using an iges file and the steps needed to use it within the Inventor sheet metal environment.

Video link:
Created by one of the Cad Geeks

Electrical – 2D to 3D and Back

Today we are taking a look at the interaction between Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical. I will be using information from both systems to create 2D harness information in Electrical from Inventor and also completing a 3D harness design using information from Electrical. I will also be showing the nailboard drawing that can be created inside of the Inventor product.
Let’s Take a Look!!!
Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

Inventor Link – Part 2 – Updates to Files

Last week we started a Link to Inventor for detailing a 3D model file.
I wanted to build on that and give you the final piece of how edits are handed of to the 2D drawing file.

The model and the drawing will maintain the link and this will ensure that the information that is being detailed is the latest model available.

Check out this video:


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