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Inventor 3D environments in lighting styles

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If you have Inventor 2011 loaded and haven’t looked at the lighting styles yet, please stop whatever you are doing and check them out now!  The new 3D environments available in 2011 in combination with the “image based lighting” can create some really stunning visuals.  If you ever need to create compelling imagery for sales, marketing, or conveying ideas within your organization, this is one of the first things to try out.

Cloud-based FEA optimization for Inventor

There is a public trial available for Autodesk’s latest FEA based optimization tool available for download on Autodesk Labs (  This allows a user to specify model parameters that they would consider changing, and the optimization iterates through all of the available combinations to determine which will result in the lowest weight while maintaining a specified safety factor.  This is something that could be accomplished with the optimization tool in Inventor Simulation, but it could take hours to solve.  The beauty of the new tool is that all of the computing is done in “The Cloud” with multiple iterations being processed simultaneously.  This allows you to continue working on your workstation while the calculations are solved online and in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.  After solving, a configuration sorter allows you to see the results of each combination and filter for options that meet your safety and weight factor criteria.

iLogic – Writing a Parameter Limits Rule

I am going to take a look at writing a rule within iLogic that is going to allow me to control minimum and maxium values for a given parameter.  The best part is I can take advantage of the rules wizard found within iLogic to basically write the rule for me.

Let’s take a look:
ILogic Writing a Parameter Limits Rule

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Wiki Help for Autodesk Inventor

There is more and more content available on the Inventor Wiki Help every day now.  I was just browsing through the content available and noticed that there are also some good video based examples now posted.  The one that struck me most was the video on direct manipulation.

Simply launch the Wiki Help and do a search on “Direct Manipulation” and you will find that the content includes a nice video.

Electrical – In’s and Out’s of Surfer

The easiest way to move from reference to reference inside of electrical is taking advantage of the surfer command. This command has a lot more potential than you may use it for. Take a look at the video I put together of how surfer can be used.


The definition – Moves from reference to reference across the project drawing set. You can surf on a component tag, catalog number, wire number, item number, or a report table cell containing any of these types of values.

 Let’s take a look!!!
Electrical – In’s and Out’s of Surfer


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