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Inventor Command Search

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One of my favorite new features in Inventor 2010 and 2011 is the command search capability from the main Inventor menu.  Simply click the “I” and start typing.  Inventor brings up matches based on the command name, ribbon pane name, or even options within a specific command.  In addition it tells us where to find the command in the user interface, or you can simply pick it off the search results list.

To use the search, start by picking the Inventor menu:

Then start typing to get a list of possible matches:

You can see how the search even returns result based on the ribbon bar pane names.  Excellent!

For a better look, watch a video example HERE.

Task Scheduler for Shrinkwrap publishing

Inventor not only includes some improvements to Shrinkwrap for 2011, but it also provides a means for batch creation of Shrinkwrap models.  This can be done in the Inventor Task Scheduler which can be found buried in the Inventor program group here:

Once in the Task Scheduler pick the Shrinkwrap option from the “Create Task” list.

Add the files you want to make Shrinkwrap variations for, and edit the Shrinkwrap options with the button at the bottom.


After the task is complete, a log file is available that shows if any of the assemblies ran into problems with the Shrinkwrap operation.

i CHECK IT – Apply Rules for Modeling Best Practices

In today’s post I look at one of my favorite rules that applies to modeling best practices.  I am sure we have all had to use models that others have created and in saying that we made a decision to either struggle through the reuse process or just remodel it because of poor practices used.  Poor practices meant that someone was creative let’s say in the way they built the model but if anyone but them tried to change it well you had multiple feature failure and in most cases you just start from scratch.  Even on the most basic models this takes time and time equals money and this quickly adds up.  The rule I look at in todays post will ensure that features live near the end of our history tree which means you have a much better chance of these features updating when changes need to happen to our models.

Let’s take a look!!!
i CHECK IT – Apply Rules for Modeling Best Practices


Exporting Inventor sketches to sheet metal flat patterns

One of the new sheet metal enhancement in Inventor 2011 is the ability to associatively copy a model sketch into the flat pattern environment.  this could be useful if you have things like score lines you want to layout on the model, and should transfer into the flat pattern as well.  Let’s take a look at the procedure:

  1. Create a new unconsumed sketch in the sheetmetal model.  Don’t worry about color or linetypes yet, but change any non-relevant geometry to construction if you like.
  2. Right click on the model sketch and pick “Copy to Flat Pattern”.
  3. Enter the flat pattern environment and edit the properties (color, linetype, lineweight) of the copied sketch geometry.
  4. Save the flat pattern as a DWG, DXF, or SAT file and it will include the copied sketch geometry as well.

This can save a lot of unneeded flat pattern cleanup that might otherwise be required before programming CNC code off the flat.

Visualization Warning in Vault – Remove it in 2011

With the release of the 2010 Vault family, extra tools were included to enable server side visualization publishing.  The only wrinkle with that was a warning that would always show up after checking in a file from the CAD software.

Warning that can be turned off in Vault 2011

Just change this Administrative setting, and the warning will go away for users viewing within the Vault:

Check this to disable the visualization warning

Watch a quick Video of the difference the setting makes right HERE.

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