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iLogic Part 4 – Tips & Tricks

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In Previous posts we have looked over the iLogic interface, iLogic parameter creation, and iLogic rule creation. For the last of our four iLogic posts we are going to look at creating one more rule and show some great features to use when rule writing. iLogic provides some good tools for saving snippets of code that may be reused amongst different designs and adding comments to the rule to better explain to others what is going on. Lets take a look!

For more information and discussion about iLogic join us at the Inventor Users Site for iLogic
Added By Rodney, another one of those CAD Geeks.

Navisworks – Adding Mark-ups to a Project

As we all know Navisworks is a great tool for bringing in large amounts of data from multiple cad systems and viewing in a single file. Many companies today take advantage of Navisworks for overall project management. Navisworks offers some great tools to help us communicate areas of the project to be considered for review or just need to electronically mark-up possibly during a project review. These red line tools give us the ability to add text, comments, tags and revision clouds to allow others to understand areas of the project in question. My favorite feature within these tools is working with the tags themselves. They allow us to track each tag created with a status much like a data management system. Our options are – new, active, approved and resolved. These four options are also search able for anyone to easily find.
Let’s take a look!!!
Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

***New*** Online Showcase Training Course

We have created a new online self-paced training course for Autodesk Showcase.

This course covers the basic functionality of Showcase and what steps are necessary to create real-time photo realistic imagery from your existing 3D geometry.

If you have a seat of Showcase and haven’t taken the time to learn the software this is your chance. This class covers the basics and walks you through the process of creating an image like the one you see above.

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Libraries Per Project

For all you CAD Administrators out there, sometimes a company, or even a specific job, does not need to leverage every Content Center Library available. The libraries users have access to can be controlled per Project:

From this dialgog box, you can choose which libraries are active for the current project, edit the library name, create an empty user library, delete a library (be careful!), and transfer libraries.

The command to launch the Configure Libraries dialog box is at the bottom right of the Projects dialog:

Contributed by a New CAD Geek

Manage the Lifecycle of any Document

With the advent of the Vault 2010 products from Autodesk, most people have realized the potential for using Vault to manage their drawing release process. What many people don’t immediately realize is how Vault can also be used to manage the lifecycle of other document types as well.

This can be a great advantage to groups outside of engineering who need secure access to data beyond CAD, and who also need to contribute their own documents relevant to a product. As an example, marketing could load a design specification document into Vault that then gets attached to the master engineering CAD data to track the relationship between these documents and any changes to either of them.

Check out this video showing the modification and addition of non-CAD files to Vault:

Watch Video Here

Contributed by Ben of the CAD Geeks

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