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Inventor Copy Feature

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Today we’ll look at a basic option that has been around, but I am unsure of it’s widespread usage. The Copy and Paste of features in Inventor. Seems like everyone uses it in every other application, why not use it when you are designing? If you have a feature (or features) that was generated from a sketch, you can easly re-use that in another part by placing an orientating it to the right position. Let’s take a look…..


I’m always one for shortcuts, hopefully you can use this as well.

John with the CAD Geeks

Configuring Default Comments in Vault Lifecycles

One of the hard things to remember when using Vault is to fill in the comments box whenever a milestone is reached with a document. In daily use, it may not be important to fill in a comment, but if a file is transitioned to a Released state it could be critical.

With the Vault Workgroup and above solutions, you can now predetermine comments for any change in Lifecycle on a Vaulted file. This is done in the Lifecyles configuration area of the Vault Administration options.

After being configured, there will always be the default Comment when changing lifecycles. The comment can also be manually edited…

Or an alternative can be selected from a drop down list:

Contributed by Ben of the CAD Geeks

Electrical Adding Part Numbers to the Catalog

Today we will take a look at adding new entries into our catalog database. Not only are we adding just a new part number but also a new manufacturer at the same time. One item to point out is that in my video I did not do a save so my new manufacturer I created will not show up in my manufacturer list next time I go into it, so remember to always save. Next week we will look at adding Assemblies into the catalog.

Take a Look!!!

Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

Sheet Metal – Square to Round

Today we are going to look at the square to round functionality in sheet metal, as well as the rip command. By using these to functions, you are now able to easy create a sheet metal part that transitions from a square shape to a round or vice-versa. This functionality has been highly requested in the past and I think you’ll agree that it is quite easy to accomplish what you need.


John with the CAD Geeks

Grouping folder data in Vault

Have you ever looked in a Vault folder and become overwhelmed by the sheer number of files in it? Maybe you just need to see the files you have been working on yourself? Take a look at the “Group By” option in Vault to make sorting folder data as easy as a drag and drop. The attached video will show examples of sorting by the user that created the file as well as the file’s lifecycle state. There is also an example of creating a multiple condition grouping.

Take a look at the video:

Watch Video Here

Contributed by Ben of the CAD Geeks
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