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Alias Duplicate Place Tool

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This week we will discuss the Duplicate Place tool. This tool is a hugh time saver. Model up a detail/part/button/etc. one time only. Then use the Duplicate Place tool to do all the repetitive work.

Click HERE to watch the video

Created by Aaron… your Alias CAD Geek

Working with PLCs Part Three Address Information for Wire Numbers

Part Three working with PLC’s talks about using the PLC address information for our wire numbers. This tool inserts wire numbers based upon the I/O address that each PLC connected wire touches. Wire numbers go in as FIXED which means that they do not change if a wire number retag is run later on.

Lets take a look:
Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

Inventor Link – Part 2 – Updates to Files

Last week we started a Link to Inventor for detailing a 3D model file.
I wanted to build on that and give you the final piece of how edits are handed of to the 2D drawing file.

The model and the drawing will maintain the link and this will ensure that the information that is being detailed is the latest model available.

Check out this video:


Autodesk Vault Family – New Options

For those of you who follow my data management tips on the CAD Geeks Blog, you will really want to attend this webcast.

Sign up Here:

This webcast will highlight some new options to further enable your design data sharing needs within your company. If you already have Autodesk® Vault up and running, perfect your a step ahead, but you still need to see this webcast to understand some new options you have for upgrading. For those of you whom use Productstream you also have some new workflows to consider.

I hope to see you all at the webcast.

Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks

Batch Plotting From Vault or ProductStream – Two Options

At INCAT, we have multiple options for batch plotting from Vault or Productstream. Productstream includes a batch plotting capability that works with some workflows very well, but it isn’t included in Vault alone. For others, the INCAT DM Batch plot application may be another solution.

The Productstream batch plotting:

  • Includes Plotting of related sheets – automatically locates all detail drawings for a specified assembly. This is useful if you know you want to plot all the drawings for every detail and assembly involved in a particular design. You don’t have to know part numbers or file names, and the Productstream database collects the relevant files for you. This might not be ideal if you don’t want every drawing for standard components or purchased type components though.
  • Uses page setups to define the plot settings – you can multi-select to change the page setup for multiple drawings.
  • Not available for basic Vault

The INCAT DM Batch Plot:

  • Includes plotting of drawings from imported plot lists – you can import an excel spreadsheet and the drawings will be automatically located and ready for adding to the plot list. This allows lists of required drawings to be generated from other business systems and loaded into the batch plot to be automatically processed.
  • Plotting size and device based on file name or properties – The INCAT batch plot can determine plot size and device based on either a character in the file name, or a document property that specifies the plot size. This eliminates the need to have page setups defined in advance and allows for a more automated batch plot solution.
  • Works with Vault
  • Available from INCAT Labs

Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks

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