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Green…….We all need to take part!

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To take special note of EARTH DAY being this week, I have found a very cool tool to add to Inventor. The great people at Autodesk Labs have created an add in report tool.

After a quick download and install you can edit materials to make note of them being recycleable or even toxic.

We all need to do our part to help reduce waste and to help reduce cost, and this tool will help you quickly identify parts of your designs that can be GREEN.

Check out my video here:

Download it here:

Enjoy, and Happy EARTH DAY!
Jim…Another INCAT CAD Geek!

FEA – Reverse Engineered

One of the easliy overlooked features of the FEA module in Inventor Pro’s FEA is the ability to reverse engineer the loading scenarios by specifying a known deflection instead of a load. This allows you to determine if a part will be structurally sound at a known deflection, and also allows us to determine the reaction forces at a known deflection.
Take a look at this video for an example of this hidden gem:
Watch Video
Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks

FEA (Found Extra Additional stuff)

While working with the FEA portion of Inventor Professional recently, I found some additional workflows that may be a time saver for those performing calculations and edits.
1) Edit geometry while in the context of the FEA application.
My old workflow was to switch back to the part environment to make edits to my model. You can access your features by expanding the browser, right clicking on faces to create new sketches, heck, you can even double click and use 3D grips!
2) Export results of FEA.
Yes I know there is the “Report” button that exports all the results in an html format, but what if I want some of that data connected to my drawings or accessable in my models? After running the simulation, click on the paramaters button. Here you can choose some results such as min. and max Safety Factor and the numbers you used and output them to the part iProperties.

Check It Out Here

Spell Check with Autodesk Inventor

Yesterdays post discussed some of the add-ins that ship with Inventor.

Well another one that is super cool! is good ole spell check.

Here is the location within the SDK folder to install, and you can watch the video to see it in action.
folder: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor 2009\SDK\UserTools\GeneralTools


Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

If you like the idea of substitutes, what better than automatic substitutes with Inventor 2009

Digging a little deeper into those folders I traditional over look that come with your Inventor media. I was surprised with a ton of great functionality. The one near and dear to my heart is Assembly Tools that contains many great enhancements but my favorite is the ability to automatically create substitutions inside of assembly files. If you do a standard load you will be able to find this information at the following path. Please poke around at the other great features included for all areas of Inventor. It would be great to hear back on what you like and don’t like also. C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor 2009\SDK\UserTools.

Check out my video of how to do this.

Submitted by Dave of the INCAT CAD Geeks
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